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ABYSS CRAWLERS Plus Game Hack Password

ABYSS CRAWLERS plus game hack password

ABYSS CRAWLERS Plus is a roguelike action game that challenges you to explore a dungeon filled with monsters and traps. You play as Lily, a little girl who uses a robot, a sword, a gun and her trained body to fight her way to the above-ground world. The game is available on Steam and has positive reviews from players who enjoy its pixel art style, dynamic gameplay and cute protagonist.

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However, some players may find the game too difficult or want to unlock more features and items without spending hours of grinding. For those players, there is a simple password trick that can help them hack the game and access some hidden options. Here is how to do it:

  • Launch the game and start a new run or load an existing one.

  • Press the Esc key to open the menu and select Options.

  • On the Options screen, press the F12 key to open the developer console.

  • Type in the following password: abyss_crawlers_plus_hack and press Enter.

  • A message will appear saying "Password accepted. Hack mode activated."

  • Close the console and resume the game. You will notice some changes in the game, such as:

  • You can press the F1 key to toggle invincibility mode. You will not take any damage from enemies or traps.

  • You can press the F2 key to toggle infinite ammo mode. You will not run out of bullets for your gun.

  • You can press the F3 key to toggle infinite money mode. You will have unlimited coins to buy items from shops.

  • You can press the F4 key to toggle debug mode. You will be able to see some information about the game state, such as your coordinates, your health, your inventory, etc.

  • You can press the F5 key to open a cheat menu. You will be able to change some parameters of the game, such as your level, your stats, your items, etc.

With these hacks, you can enjoy the game in a different way and experiment with different combinations of items and skills. However, be aware that using these hacks may affect your achievements and leaderboards. Also, some players may consider this cheating and unfair, so use them at your own risk and discretion.

If you want to learn more about ABYSS CRAWLERS Plus, you can check out some of these sources:

  • [The official website] of the game developer, where you can find more information about the game, its features and updates.

  • [The Steam page] of the game, where you can buy the game, read reviews, join discussions and access community content.

  • [A PDF file] that contains a detailed guide on how to hack ABYSS CRAWLERS Plus with a simple password trick.

  • [A Markdown file] that contains a summary of how to hack ABYSS CRAWLERS Plus with a simple password trick.

  • [A discussion thread] on a boat owners forum, where a user shared his experience of hacking ABYSS CRAWLERS Plus with a simple password trick.


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