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"I am very proud of this team this weekend," said USC Director of Track & Field Caryl Smith Gilbert. "We had a great finish to a wonderful meet. The 4x100m's are always heart-wrenching. I always get nervous for the 4x100m. The women were in the lead until the last leg and we ran a season-best time of 43-flat, second on USC's all-time list, so that was very good. The handoffs were clean, we executed a great race. When you execute, even if you don't get first place, you feel like you did, so I feel like we won in that race. The men (4x100m) came in ranked down the list and ended up fourth. BeeJay (Lee) ran a beautiful leg, Aaron (Brown) opened up the gap for us and Terence (Abram) anchored the relay and finished very strong for his last race wearing the shield. We ran well, second-best time of the season. Then we came to the 200m races. Aaron Brown ran 20.02, but the way he ran his race, he executed it perfectly, he just didn't have enough to hold up at the end, but it was executed well and I don't think he could have done anything else. Tynia (Gaither) out of lane eight was able to run 23.05. Her Achilles tweaked slightly so I think she eased up some at the end. She didn't have her normal hard finish. Her Achilles got tight so we couldn't run her on the 4x400m. Aleec Harris, if someone had told me that 13.18 would be second at this meet I probably would paid them a million dollars and told them they were wrong. He hit number six and kept running through it, but then nine and 10 he hit and it cost him his run to the line. For him to run 13.18 twice and be that consistent after he crushed six, nine and 10, it just shows you that he is heading in the direction of being a world-class hurdler. He is a world-class hurdler. It will be nice to see all of them go out and run professionally and represent their countries Canada, U.S.-team USA. All the men did a great job. We were fourth place and we got a trophy and that was probably the highlight of the day to watch their faces, holding the trophy up with the victory sign. We will be bringing that trophy back to Los Angeles. The women have some things we have to work on - strength and technique - but I was very proud of the performance they showed this meet and this season. They overcame a lot, worked hard and I think it is setting us up, men and women, for a very, very great year next year and is setting us up for recruiting. Our shield is being recognized and we are going to be able to do some awesome things in the years to come, so Fight On!"

Ashley Jones Is Perfectly Normal (2021)



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