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In Chongwen, there is an area named Huashi (flower market) and four streets spreading in four directions are named after the area. According to Cai, during the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), it used to be a market and production area for all kinds of artificial flowers, including those made with velvet, silk and paper.

Some Velvet MorningHD

One key step of making the velvet flower is to use copper wire to shape the skeleton. Cai has to crush and rub the copper wire on the fingertips and each time as the wire bites into his hand, it leaves a mark.

The Beijing-style velvet bird (flower) making skill was enlisted as an intangible cultural heritage of Beijing in 2009. As a sixth-generation inheritor, Cai has always been thinking how to better pass on and develop the 300-year-old skill.

From the history of the skill to the detailed steps of making a velvet flower, Cai posts on short video platforms like Bilibili and Douyin, as well as lifestyle platform Xiaohongshu, and has so far garnered more than 320,000 likes in total.

We were running late, so Steve and I said a quick good bye, and ran off to meet some of the other designers at a dinner planned by Kathryn Ireland. A friend of hers was gracious enough to open up her home to us.

There are almost as many festivals in India as there are number of Gods. And each festival is more colorful than the other. This makes visiting a festival one of the best things to do in India. While every festival in India is worth participating in, there are some you just cannot miss.Some of the most colourful festivals include Holi and Diwali but other festivals like Dussehra and Ganesh Chaturthi are just as lively and colourful!

COL: "Awful, just awful." That was one review I heard of a Jandek show. Well, it was only Jandek's 3rd or 4th live show ever, so he was obviously new to it all.This was his 6th show EVER! History was being made! What better way to spend my birthday? DON'T LAUGH! "How do we know it's him?" my guy wondered. I could not believe there were so many Jandek fans in one room.Jandek was supposed to play N.O. (Orleans)- you know what happened there. (He) comes up from a hatch under the stairs for his NY show. J is dressed in black- looks gaunt, like death. Clanging guitar and tuneless vocal atop a sturdy rhythm section. Did Jandek ever figure out how to tune his guitar? Foggy voice: unintelligible lyrics.BBH: Doesn't play bar chords, does a perverted E chord sliding up and down guitar neck.COL: Can Jandek even tune his guitar? Irwin Chusid said that Jandek sounds like Velvet Underground after taxes. Why slight VU??BBH: Looks like a younger Tom Waits.COL: What is he singing about? I can't decipher the lyrics. Where'd they hire this rhythm section? Their job is to maintain some semblance of normal playing while Jandek clunks and moans and drones.BBH: Trout Mask Replica on Quaaludes. PiL played at 18 rpm. Indie lo-fi goth.COL: Tom Waits on cough syrup and tequila. THIS IS WORSE THAN (IAN) MACKAYE'S DUMB SIDE BAND! Imagine a Jandek ringtone.BBH: Believe it or not, he's not totally out of tune or tone deaf. COL: This is like saying Bush is not totally incompetent. How long does this last?BBH: 1 hour. Makes Half Japanese sound like the Backstreet Boys.COL: There is "outsider" music and there's this. Sounds like Jim Morrison on Nyquil!BBH: Wonder if they had rehearsals?COL: I am sure the rhythm section did... The Shaggs/Jandek- collaboration of the century.BBH: "I got the blues for you, baby..." Who's he addressing that to? His shrink or his guitar tuner?COL: Does he even have a guitar tuner?BBH: Maybe not.COL: I can't make out what he's singing. Applause? No stage banter. The songs sound alike... Now a song that sounds like Led Zeppelin if they never practiced a day in their lives... Three songs so far? 4 songs??BBH: Sub-punk industrial noise. We asked for it but is this what we really wanted?COL: Is this a guitar solo or a siren? Math rock by dyslexics?BBH: Well, I promised you a memorable show!COL: How did he hire this rhythm section? For my next birthday, please take me to a Mudhoney show. PLEASE!BBH: I'll see what I can do.COL: Heck, even a Shaggs reunion!BBH: He's using a music stand. Doesn't that prove he's an artist?COL: Maybe it means he needs help remembering the words.BBH: What words?COL: "Ummm... moon moon sun... blues... babble and moan..." THOSE words.BBH: Those are like... lyrics or something.COL: Okay... this is supposed to be a ballad... The drummer uses brushes and there are references to wanderlust and leaves...BBH: It's supposed to be sad- it is! He's sad.COL: This is a short song... wow.BBH: He's warming up to his 20-minute disco remix!COL: Oh, baby. Can't wait. This is his BLOOZ number, yes?BBH: Yep, sounds like it though I'm sure that Howlin' Wolf couldn't figure him out.COL: This is electric blooz if the electric blooz artists drank a lot of alcohol after electroshock treatment. So...what'll you tell Chusid?BBH: I'll say, "Irwin, it was a memorable show in a lot of ways, but Coldplay are better entertainers!"COL: Coldplay and Jandek in the same sentence?BBH: I saw them within 24 hours of each other. Strange...I don't see anyone who was at the Garden last night...COL: What is Jandek singing about anyway?BBH: What isn't he singing about?COL "Babble babble moooooooaaaaan." But he has no merch table! Damn!BBH: OUCH!!!COL: Well the rhythm section knows what it is doing.BBH: He should listen to them.COL: Well, this is Ash Ra Tempel on crack...BBH: That'd be a good name for a band. What would your mom say about this?COL: My mom would have her ears plugged...Yay! Jandek stopped playing guitar! Oooops--spoke too soon!BBH: My mom would say, "Is that considered music?" My dad would have said much worse.COL: Andrew (col's brother) would prolly approve...COL: So is this music... isn't this nearly over?BBH: Yes, but is it music?

Disney World Early Theme Park Entry provides an extra 30 minutes of fun for all Disney World Resort and some select hotel guests each day. Use our Disney World early entry strategy to get the most out of your park day.

Of course, if you go with a tie, a regular turndown collar shirt with French cuffs is ideal. Button cuffs are always too informal so make sure you could wear cufflinks with it. Other than formal Ascot or a regular tie, you can also go with a bow tie. Again, the same kind of patterns in silver and black are good. If you want to be over-the-top loud, you can also go with something more colorful.

Thank you very much for your reply and for devoting some of your timeand energy to answering my questions. I highly appreciate what you did,and I find the additional information that you gave especially interestingand helpful. I wish you a nice day.

These days there are so many trends and activities happening on social media worldwide that it is sometimes impossible to stay up to date. Today the youngsters are a generation of trendsetters who come up with something new each week. Nevertheless, there is one trend you can take part in, and that is putting up a good morning status. Amongst some illogical trends, this seems like an easy one and meaningful too. Your words of encouragement in the morning will inspire others and make them watch your stories regularly. Let your WhatsApp good morning wishes in your status influence your friend list to look on the brighter side and work hard in life. Who knows, maybe your children or siblings will get motivated too? Such is the power of just a good morning status! Whether your status has a preachy tone or a hilarious one, it will make people want to see more and spread the same vibes to others by sharing your message. Take your influence a step ahead by adding day-based quotes. Let the mid-day of the week excite people with humorous or eye-opening good morning Wednesday images. These good morning messages, images and statuses will indeed make your loved ones bring a colossal shift in their outlook on life.

By now, critical consensus has anointed Makaya McCraven's In These Times the runaway crossover wonder of 2022. It appeared on my own top albums list, and on many others; its charms are abundantly clear. For our confab here, I'd like to herald an album conceived in the same spirit and harnessing many of the same energies, but with hazier and somewhat headier results. Guitarist-composer Jeff Parker is one of McCraven's longtime collaborators, and his Mondays at the Enfield Tennis Academy shares some DNA with McCraven's breakthrough In the Moment, from 2015. It's groove-forward but non-ingratiating, with a dynamic that puts pure creative potential in the hands of every musician in Parker's band: alto saxophonist Josh Johnson, bassist Anna Butterss (whose own work made another of our year-end lists) and drummer Jay Bellerose. An immersive listening experience that never settles on one version of the truth. Listen here.

Eliane Elias, QuietudeBefore producing her recently published Tiny Desk Concert, I spent a lot of time digging into pianist, singer and composer Eliane Elias' remarkable archive which includes her latest release, Quietude. Though an outstanding composer in her own right, for this record Elias chose to include some beautiful bossa nova standards, with works by many great Brazilian composers including Antonio Carlos Jobim and Dorival Caymmi. The arrangements are exquisite, the sound is luxurious and the performances by Elias and her fellow musicians are marvelous. Listen here.

I believe that every person contains a spark of something unique and original. There is something beautiful and storytelling about any individual if you can draw it out of them or take the time to find it. Children are so candid and free, as we grow older we tend to shell up and hide some of the fun characteristics that make us unique. I think the challenge of finding what sparks a person or really makes a portrait truly represent them drives me. 041b061a72


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