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Here's how to update the base game. If you already have that, click "Check for Updates". It'll pop up a browser window to confirm, and it'll then download any new patches. If you don't have that, you can download the game from Steam and take it from there. If you run into any problems, post in the comments, and I'll help you out. Also, be sure to read the release notes below if you decide to install the update, as they have some useful info on the contents of the patch.


Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto 5 and L.A. Noire both scored good marks on the 3DMark 11 benchmark with our GeForce GTX 570, and with Nvidia's latest GameWorks updates, we can expect to see a similar increase in gaming performance. The GeForce GameReady feature in the GTX 570 GPU will allow developers to easily optimize their games for best performance by dragging-and-dropping shader settings from the CUDA Toolkit to the GK104 GPU. We've already seen some great games using this feature, such as BioShock Infinite and The Witcher 3. Check out our GameReady Preview for more details about the feature and how it can make your games appear more vibrant.

Our new Game Categories / Natal files system makes it easier than ever to browse games by category or genre with intuitive filters and smooth navigation. You can also download your apps and games to your PS Vita console from your PS4 via the Remote Play feature to game on the go.

For the best Far Cry 4 experience we recommend updating to the new Far Cry 4 GeForce Game Ready Drivers, which will be released at approximately 16.00 UTC on Tuesday, November 18th. Included are the latest performance optimizations and tweaks for Far Cry 4, and a SLI profile that scales at over 90% on the system used in this guide. Download from or via GeForce Experience once the drivers are released.


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