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Through its clever structure, Disconnect affectively lures the reader as Tero Karppi tells a convincing story of how social media sets the tone, mood, and modality of our everyday existence. Compellingly written, this is a must-read modern tale of engagement and disconnection.


Disconnect is a timely, theoretically rich assessment of Facebook as platform and assemblage. Rhetorics of connectivity dominate Silicon Valley, and Tero Karppi helps illuminate and describe the complex, flickering patterns of connection and disconnection that envelop the networked users of such platforms. This is a valuable, accessible guide to the politics and poetics of Facebook.

If you are moving or selling your property, you will need to have your service disconnected. Otherwise, you will still be liable for any water use, even if you are no longer living at or using the property.

To disconnect your utility service, please complete and submit the APPLICATION FOR UTILITY SERVICE. Service interruption due to delinquency does not discontinue your account or stop base service charges from accruing.

Utility bills are generally issued bi-monthly and payment is due in full on or before the due date. Additional fees and late penalty may be assessed if payments are received after the due date. Delinquent Reminder notices are issued for any account with an outstanding balance. All reminder notices have a final date to pay before an administrative processing fee is charges and an order is issued to disconnect service. Failure to receive a bill does not relieve the obligation to pay the bill or any late or service fees associated with delinquency.

Payment Terms: Payments are due within 20 days of the bill date. Failure to receive a bill does not exempt penalties or disconnection for non-payment. We are not responsible for late remittances made through the mail service.

Disconnect Policy: All accounts billed an administrative processing fee will be subject for disconnection. Service will be reconnected after the delinquent balance and fees are paid in full.

Downspout disconnection is the process of disconnecting the downspout from a pipe or the paved area. Water is then redirected to flow into a rain barrel or to a lawn or garden where it can soak into the ground. Redirecting downspouts to a landscaped area is a great way to help reduce runoff from a property.

Note: Downspout disconnection may not be appropriate for all locations. Consider local regulations and where the water will be directed to avoid property damage, unsafe conditions or other potential problems.

Downspout disconnections, allowing rain to drain to lawns, gardens, South Hadley, Massachusetts Pioneer Valley Planning Commission (pdf) (138 K)Fact sheet on why and how to disconnect a downspout from the sewer system

Absorb the Storm - Create a Rain-friendly Yard and Neighborhood, Lake Champlain Sea Grant, University of Vermont Cooperative Extension (pdf) (3 MB)Discusses a number of steps homeowners can take, including downspout disconnection, to help prevent the problems associated with runoff.

Downspout Disconnection, How to manage stormwater, Environmental Services, City of Portland (pdf) (1 MB)A "how to" for disconnecting downspouts. Includes information on safety considerations, how to design and disconnect, and maintenance.

When I was twenty-two, I quit my job and spent five months alone in a house on a remote part of the Oregon coast.Practicing, writing, recording, exercising, and learning.No internet.No TV.No phone.No people.I drove into the city only once a month to see friends and family.The rest of the time, I was completely disconnected.

When you right-click an incoming VPN connection in Windows Server 2012 and then click Connect/Disconnect, the View Available Networks dialog box appears. However, an option to disconnect the incoming VPN connection is not displayed.

Disconnections are completed Monday through Friday as early as 7 a.m. No weekends or holidays. Requested disconnection dates shall be completed no earlier than the following business day. No same-day disconnects. If you do not receive a phone call from a Utility Billing representative confirming your form has been received, please contact us at 972.874.6010.

You can disconnect you personal email or your team email from your HubSpot account. When disconnecting your inbox, make sure to disconnect it from HubSpot and remove the connection in your email account.

To completely disconnect your account, you'll need to navigate to your email account to remove the HubSpot connection. The two sets of instructions below walk through removing the connection in your Google account and in your Office 365 account.

You may request to disconnect your utility account during our normal business hours by coming in person to fill out the necessary paperwork or to request it to be faxed to you by calling 407-971-5535. We require 24-hour notice/1 business day notice and we do not turn water off Saturday or Sunday. Please note: Water can be turned off as early as 7 a.m. on the date your request disconnection. The disconnection form can be faxed back to us at 407-971-5806 or Email the Utilities Division.

If you've connected your LinkedIn account with your Microsoft work or school account, you can disconnect them at any time. When you disconnect your accounts, LinkedIn will no longer provide data to your work or school account, and your work or school account will no longer provide data to LinkedIn.

The Plumbing and Mechanical Systems Board issues disconnect/reconnect plumbing technician specialty licenses to applicants with industry training or a Service Technician Associate degree or other board-approved training. Approved organizations are listed below. Other organizations may be considered with approval of the board.

Many individual investors, mutual funds and institutions trade as if dividends and capital gains are disconnected attributes, not fully appreciating that dividends result in price decreases. Behavioral trading patterns (e.g. the disposition effect) are driven by price changes instead of total returns. Investors rarely reinvest dividends, and trade as if they are a separate, stable income stream. Analysts fail to account for the effect of dividends on price, leading to optimistic price forecasts for dividend-paying stocks. Demand for dividends is systematically higher in periods of low interest rates and poor market performance, leading to lower returns for dividend-paying stocks.

Mettler finds that patterns of political participation exacerbate the government-citizen disconnect, as those holding positive views of federal programs and supporting expanded benefits have lower rates of involvement than those holding more hostile views of the government. As a result, the loudest political voice belongs to those who have benefited from policies but who give government little credit for their economic well-being, seeing their success more as a matter of their own deservingness. This contributes to the election of politicians who advocate cutting federal social programs. According to Mettler, the government-citizen disconnect frays the bonds of representative government and democracy.

If you are a business that has a Stripe Express account, you can manage your financial accounts at any time by logging into your Express account, visiting the settings page, and then viewing your Linked external accounts. Before you request to disconnect a linked financial account, we recommend reaching out to your merchant who can explain how disconnection may affect your product experience with them. If you would like to request that your merchant(s) delete any copies of your data that they may have created on their systems, please contact your merchant(s) directly.

In these interlinked essays, she illuminates the subject with fierce clarity, revealing the ways we are more connected than ever before, and the disconnect this breeds. From the lure of the endless scroll, to the glamour of self-optimisation; from the cult of Energy Drinks to the nostalgic world of Vaporwave music; and from silicon town centres to dating tech bros, Kiberd explores the strange worlds, habits and people that have grown with the internet. She asks what we have gained, what we have lost, and what we have given willingly away in exchange for this connected life.

To disconnect utilities, download the City of Leander Utilities disconnect service form and submit the completed form and a valid copy of your driver's license to the City of Leander Utilities office in person or by fax at 512-690-2278.

QObject is the heart of the Qt Object Model. The central feature in this model is a very powerful mechanism for seamless object communication called signals and slots. You can connect a signal to a slot with connect() and destroy the connection with disconnect(). To avoid never ending notification loops you can temporarily block signals with blockSignals(). The protected functions connectNotify() and disconnectNotify() make it possible to track connections.

All signals to and from the object are automatically disconnected, and any pending posted events for the object are removed from the event queue. However, it is often safer to use deleteLater() rather than deleting a QObject subclass directly.

Creates a connection of the given type from the signal in the sender object to the method in the receiver object. Returns a handle to the connection that can be used to disconnect it later.

By default, a signal is emitted for every connection you make; two signals are emitted for duplicate connections. You can break all of these connections with a single disconnect() call. If you pass the Qt::UniqueConnection type, the connection will only be made if it is not a duplicate. If there is already a duplicate (exact same signal to the exact same slot on the same objects), the connection will fail and connect will return an invalid QMetaObject::Connection. 041b061a72


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