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Desmume Cheat Database Download

How to Download and Use Cheat Databases for DeSmuME

DeSmuME is a popular Nintendo DS emulator that allows you to play your favorite DS games on your PC or Mac. One of the features of DeSmuME is the ability to use cheat codes to enhance your gaming experience. However, finding and entering cheat codes manually can be tedious and time-consuming. That's why cheat databases exist. Cheat databases are files that contain a collection of cheat codes for various DS games, organized by game ID and title. You can download cheat databases from the internet and load them into DeSmuME, so you can easily access and activate the cheats you want.


In this article, we will show you how to download and use cheat databases for DeSmuME. We will use DeadSkullzJr's NDS(i) Cheat Databases as an example, since they are one of the most comprehensive and updated cheat databases available for DeSmuME.

Step 1: Download DeadSkullzJr's NDS(i) Cheat Databases

DeadSkullzJr is a developer who has been working on reviving and maintaining the cheat databases for DeSmuME since 2017. He has created cheat codes of his own, added support for various titles (including ROM hacks), and tested and fixed older cheat codes to ensure accuracy and compatibility. His cheat databases are compatible with WFCReplay cheats and Anti-Piracy Bypass cheats, which are useful for online multiplayer and bypassing copy protection respectively.

You can download DeadSkullzJr's NDS(i) Cheat Databases from his [GBAtemp thread] or his [Universal-DB page]. He provides two formats of cheat databases: cheat.dat and usrcheat.dat. Both contain the same cheat codes, but have different structures and compatibility. You can choose either one, depending on your preference and emulator settings.

Step 2: Extract and Copy the Cheat Database File

After downloading the cheat database file, you need to extract it from the compressed archive (7z or zip) using a program like 7-Zip or WinRAR. You will get a file with the extension .dat, which is the cheat database file. You need to copy this file to the Cheats folder of your DeSmuME installation directory. For example, if you installed DeSmuME in C:\Program Files\DeSmuME, then you need to copy the cheat database file to C:\Program Files\DeSmuME\Cheats.

Step 3: Load the Cheat Database File in DeSmuME

Now that you have copied the cheat database file to the Cheats folder, you need to load it in DeSmuME. To do this, open DeSmuME and load a DS game ROM. Then, go to Emulation > Cheats > List. A window will pop up with a list of cheats for the game you loaded. If you don't see any cheats, click on File > Import Backup Memory > From File... and select the cheat database file you copied earlier. This will import the cheats from the file to the emulator.

Step 4: Activate and Use the Cheats You Want

Once you have imported the cheats from the file, you can activate and use them as you wish. To activate a cheat, simply check the box next to it in the list. Some cheats have sub-options that you can choose from by double-clicking on them. For example, if you want to change your character's appearance in Pokemon Diamond, you can double-click on "Character Modifier" and select from different options like "Boy", "Girl", "Cynthia", etc.

To use a cheat, you need to follow its instructions or requirements. Some cheats require you to press certain buttons or enter certain menus in the game. Some cheats have side effects or limitations that you need to be aware of. For example, if you use a walk through walls cheat, you might get stuck in some areas or encounter glitches. You can read more about each cheat by clicking on Info in the list window.


Cheat databases are a convenient way to use cheat codes in DeSmuME without having to search and enter them manually. DeadSkullzJr's NDS(i) Cheat Databases are one of the best cheat databases for DeSmuME, as they contain a large number of cheat codes for various DS games, including ROM hacks. They are also updated regularly and tested for accuracy and compatibility. You can download and use them by following the steps in this article. Happy cheating!


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